promised-landMythic Mojo is the energy, libido, and inspiration that come from looking at your life through a mythic lens. Mythic Mojo is also a practice and a process. There are three steps:

Understanding that your life is a story. Identifying the mythic patterns that shape it. Consciously engaging with those ideas or forces.

C.G. Jung said that his life gained significance and focus when he asked himself the question “What myth am I living?” and set out to find an answer. Joseph Campbell advised his students to “Follow Your Bliss.”

These two quests are related.


Your personal relationship to myth— as a story that you are creating and as a pattern that is expressed through you — and your bliss — your purpose or destiny or raison d’etre — are intimately connected.

Mythic Mojo is the connection.


who is mojo  maker

owl graphic001 Hi. I’m Dr. Catherine Svehla. I started studying myth and depth psychology twenty years ago. I was re-inventing myself at the time and looking for options and new ways of living. I wanted to be awake and alive in a mysterious cosmos. What I discovered was so profound and intriguing that I went to Pacifica Graduate Institute for a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology. Mythology is potent, transformational,  inescapable — and as Claude Levi-Strauss said, “A myth is good to think with.”  If you know how.

The “power of myth” seems so abstract, doesn’t it? We know that myth is powerful, but how do you live with that awareness? Mythic Mojo is my answer. I can show you how to live and think from a mythological perspective.

If and when you decide to take the plunge and do a mythic pattern reading, I’ll ask you to send me some images and answer some questions. One of these questions is “What are five things that I should know about you?” So I thought I’d go first. Here are five things you should know about me:

1. I want to live in a world where all things—- people, places, creatures, objects—-are valued and nothing is “disposable.”
2. I’ve been lucky in love.
3. Cats, homegrown tomatoes, and the glide of a paintbrush across paper have saved my life. And walking. Lots of walking.
4. My motto is truth, beauty, no limits.
5. The desert is my Home. Which may explain a lot of my wandering.

raven orange face rightNow tell me about you. How can I help you explore the mythic dimension of your life and follow your bliss? Do you want to start a mini-Revolution in consciousness?


p.s. the painting above is something I created. It’s called “Promised Land.”


Meet rest of Mojo team


ST6_byDonnaLeo copyShauna Tucker is a creative collaborator, imagination advocate, and outsider artist who specializes in thinking outside of the box (or getting rid of the box altogether). She’s a strategic optimist who believes in the power of unlikely combinations, intuition, and serendipity. Previously of NYC, Napa, and San Francisco (by way of South Dakota), Shauna has found her best “place to be” in Joshua Tree. Here at Mythic Mojo, she is our community builder and project management whiz.

Shauna is also a bit of a bad ass and her penchant for adventurous boundary crossing makes her a natural revolutionary. And a good rock climber.



PNR web photoPhillip Rosenberg is a performing songwriter and a poet who writes groovin’ mythopoetic folk-rock you can sink your imagination into. He spent fourteen years in Nashville and now lives in Joshua Tree, where he is the host of Songwriters In the Round@ at the Lounge. His poems have appeared in national publications including Black Moon, Fine Homebuilding Magazine and Hudson View and he is the author of the poetry collection, Raised In the Shadow. 

Phillip writes music and provides audio-visual technical assistance for Mythic Mojo. Check out his music and poetry at and like Rags and Bones Music on Facebook at

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