“Promised Land” by Catherine Svehla

Hi. I’m Dr. Catherine Svehla. I started studying myth and depth psychology thirty years ago.

I was re-inventing myself and looking for options and new ways of living. I wanted to be awake and alive in a mysterious cosmos.

What I discovered was so profound and intriguing that I went to Pacifica Graduate Institute for a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology.

I create story-based programs and workshops to explore the transformative power of myth.

There is no lasting sense of value or connection, or possibility for lasting change, unless we come into contact with the myths that shape our lives.

My mission and passion are one and the same: to reawaken our collective understanding of myth, and show individuals how to explore the mythic dimension of  life.







About Catherine:

Dr. Catherine Svehla is an independent scholar, storyteller, artist, and activist with a PhD in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She explores the transformative power of myths and fairy tales, and creates story-based classes and programs that demonstrate the relevance of mythology to contemporary life.

Catherine is the founder of Mythic Mojo, where she consults with individuals on a range of mythological topics, and the host of Myth in the Mojave, a bi-weekly podcast with an international audience. She founded and led the High Desert Mythological Roundtable from 2009-2015. A recognized innovator in the contemporary field of mythological studies, Catherine received a New Mythos grant from OPUS Archives for “Blisters On the Way to Bliss: Toward a New Understanding of Heroism.” She lives in Joshua Tree.