“Promised Land” by Catherine Svehla

Mythic Mojo is the energy, libido, and inspiration that come from looking at your life through a mythic lens.

C.G. Jung said that his life gained significance and focus when he asked himself the question “What myth am I living?” and set out to find an answer.

Joseph Campbell advised his students to “Follow Your Bliss.”

These two quests are related.

Mythic Mojo is about making that connection.


Hi. I’m Dr. Catherine Svehla. I started studying myth and depth psychology twenty years ago. I was re-inventing myself at the time and looking for options and new ways of living. I wanted to be awake and alive in a mysterious cosmos. What I discovered was so profound and intriguing that I went to Pacifica Graduate Institute for a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology.

Mythology is potent, transformational,  inescapable. We know that myth is powerful, but how do you live with that awareness? I can show you how to live and think from a mythological perspective.

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