Have you met the Baba Yaga?

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Tuesday, October 17th
Private residence in Joshua Tree


There isn’t just one story that encapsulates a woman’s life, or single tale that describes the arc of the heroine’s journey— but there are stories that every woman needs to hear.

Stories she needs to brood over and take into her bones, stories that stir deep memories and widen the cracks in her cultural conditioning, stories best shared with other women.

I invite you to explore one of those stories with me on Tuesday, October 17th, from 7-9:00pm. We’re gathering at a private residence Joshua Tree.

You’ll need a journal or notebook and a pen, a mat or pillow if you like to be on the floor, and a yearning for the wise company of magical women. Bring snacks to share if you are so inclined. Workshop fee $10. Come be inspired and have some fun!

Email me to RSVP by October 10th and take your place in the circle.

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