Embracing the Unembraceable: The Alchemy of Transformation

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Is 2017 going to be a year of transformation?


This question has led to a new project and collaboration that I’m excited to share with you, a day-long workshop for women only, in Joshua Tree on January 29th, co-created with vocal practitioner and ritual guide Tasya Herskovits. 

Embracing the Un-Embraceable, the Alchemy of Transformation
Mythological Medicine & Vocal Weaving for Women

Sunday January 29, 2017

10am- 5pm, with dinner & fire circle 5pm-8pm

A 1-day intensive workshop with mythologist & storyteller Catherine Svehla & sound practitioner & ritual guide Tasya Herskovits


These are interesting times, times of loss, fear, and ugliness, and of love, community, and creativity. As individuals and as a society, we are ripe for transformation. Women are called to play an important role in this planetary process of destruction, creation, and renewal.

Transformation is dependent on feminine energy, and given our place in the patriarchy, we have a special understanding of the work required.

Important questions face each of us:

  • As women, what is the source of our transformative power?
  • How do we activate our voices?
  • What are the tools and who are the allies?
  • How does personal transformation support or mirror cultural transformation?
  • What are the old and new stories of healing?

We invite you to explore these questions with us through story work, song, and ritual. Supported by the alchemical vessel of our circle, the ancestors, and the earth, we will gather to strengthen and develop our natural capacities for healing and transformation.

Practical details:

The workshop will take place at Soncco Wasi Home of the Heart in Joshua Tree, 10am- 5pm, followed by an optional dinner & fire circle 5pm-8pm. The cost for the day is $55 & includes materials, dinner and the fire circle, and use of the labyrinth & other amenities at Home of the Heart.

Additional details & schedule information will be provided upon registration.

Contact Catherine drcsvehla@gmail.com or Tasya tasyaherskov@yahoo.com if you are called to participate.

Want a deeper dive? Join Tasya the evening of Saturday January 28th for
Sooth Singing: A Group Vocal Journey from Sound to Song
Saturday, January 28 6:30-9:30pm
Soncco Wasi Home of the Heart in Joshua Tree
$30, Saturday evening only or $70 for Saturday and Sunday

For additional details about Sooth Singing and this workshop contact Tasya tasyaherskov@yahoo.com


Tasya Herskovits is a sound & health practitioner, singer-songwriter, & community organizer who supports individuals & communities in working with pain & trauma through voice, song & ritual.  She holds a BA in Educational Psychology, & completed the Sound, Voice & Music Healing Certificate program at CIIS, & the IAST (Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies) training with Malidoma Somé.

Tasya believes that singing & making music is our inherent right & a powerful tool for self-care. Inspired by Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, she creates safe spaces open to all forms of deep human expression & is passionate about vocal empowerment, especially for women, social & environmental justice groups, & other marginalized groups. The focus of her current work is re-claiming deep rooted ritual technologies to nurture the connection between communities, individuals, & the environment.


Dr. Catherine Svehla is an independent scholar, storyteller, artist, & activist with a PhD in Mythological Studies & Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She explores the transformative power of myths & fairy tales through story-based classes & programs that demonstrate the relevance of mythology to contemporary life. Catherine is the founder of Mythic Mojo, where she consults with individuals on a range of mythological topics, & the host of Myth in the Mojave, a bi-weekly podcast with an international audience.

A recognized innovator in the contemporary field of myth studies, Catherine received a New Mythos grant from OPUS Archives for “Blisters On the Way to Bliss,” a project in the Joseph Campbell archives. She founded & led the High Desert Mythological Roundtable from 2009-2015 & lives Joshua Tree.