Narcissus and Echo: How do you come to know yourself? See yourself?

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ace-n-and-echo-imageIn the myth of Narcissus and Echo, popularized by the Roman poet Ovid in The Metamorphoses, a beautiful youth rejects the advances of many admirers and falls in love with his own image. This myth is the source of the term “narcissism,” commonly understood as pathological self-absorption.

But is the story a simple morality tale about the perils of excessive self-love? Who was Echo? What is the relationship between “self” and image?

Join me for a thought-provoking and fun exploration of this ancient myth on Saturday, October 1,2016 at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. We’ll gather in the Clubhouse from 7-9pm. The Ace is located at 701 E. Palm Canyon Dr. For more info on the Ace, click here.

The storytelling will be followed by mythopoetic folk rock by Joshua Tree singer-songwriter Rags and Bones, the bastard son of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan with a dash of John Prine. (aka Phil Rosenberg)

This event is free and all open-minded adults are welcome.


“Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.” — Wallace Stevens

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