The Heroine’s Journey

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Workshop:     A Mythic Exploration for Women on the Path to Self

Begins the evening of Tuesday December 5th– Thursday December 7th

Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs, CA


Where are you in your journey to self-fulfillment?

You probably know something about the “Hero’s Journey,” Joseph Campbell’s brilliant revelation of a mythic pattern that still infuses our lives— or rather, men’s lives.

The Hero’s Journey is now ubiquitous, but it doesn’t really speak to the life experience of women.

Women and men do not travel the same path or face the same psychic tasks and life challenges. There is a Heroine’s Journey, and we will map it together, drawing on the words, ideas, and art of women, and the ancient myth of Eros and Psyche. Explore your journey to self-realization through:

  • Conversation and story work
  • Guided meditation and journaling
  • Art and ritual

Consider where you’ve been and what lies ahead, aided by a magical circle of women.



Tuesday, December 5
An opening evening session and from 6-8pm.

Wednesday, December 6
A full day’s mythic journeying….

Workshop begins at 9:30 after a buffet breakfast. We’ll stop for lunch (also provided) and resume from 1:30-5pm

From 7:30-9:30 there is an optional evening screening of the award-winning film Ensoulment: A Diverse Analysis of the Feminine in Western Culture, written and directed by Loris Simon Salum. (This event is free and open to the public).

Thursday, December 7
Our journey resumes at 9:30 (after breakfast). Final closing session ends at 1pm.



Thanks to the generous support of the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, workshop tickets are only $75/person. This includes all workshop materials and a vegan & vegetarian friendly buffet breakfast and lunch on Wednesday, December 6 and breakfast on Thursday, December 7.

Purchase tickets on-line at:

Workshop will be limited to a max of 25 women. Registration closes November 30th.



If you would like to stay at the Ace during the workshop, use the special promo code – MYTH – to receive a 20% discount on your room. The Ace has made this available from Sunday December 3 – 7 so you can arrive a day or two earlier if you would like.


Additional details and schedule information will be provided upon registration. It’s going to be an amazing, energizing, heart-opening adventure.  Come along!


“Down, down deep into the well that is my own true source,
deeper and deeper, emerging on the other side—
a woman, alive with her hands full of gold.” —E.G. Wise


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