The myths and old stories that have been passed down for centuries are the foundation of any creative enterprise.

We keep telling and retelling the same stories, mining them for their contemporary resonance.

The ancient Greeks called this creative engagement mythopoesis.

If you are working on a story, book, screenplay, or visual art project, or doing other creative work utilizing mythological themes, I can help you understand why and how they work so you can make your work more engaging.


  • Identify mythological motifs and patterns (the Hero’s Journey is not the only way to think about mythic patterns)
  • Get educated on the relevant background stories and essential structural elements
  • Understand how the characters you develop can strengthen or weaken your project
  • Use reputable resources to deepen your understanding of the myths you are using
  • Clarify and flow with the mythic pattern in your creative process


Fees are based on the scope of your project and the amount of consulting desired. Contact me via email and provide a brief description of your project, what you think that you need, and your budget.

If you are working with a specific story or theme, the Myth in the Mojave podcast and the extensive story archive is a good, inexpensive starting point.

Join the Myth in the Mojave community on bandcamp and receive a consultation on the mythological question of your choice as part of your membership.