Learning to adopt a mythic perspective on your life is a radical move. This new way of looking can change everything because we express our personal mythos in everything that we do.

Intrepid by Deborah Milton. Thank you Deborah!

Consult with Catherine to discover the mythic patterns, images, and narratives that are active in your life right now. A pattern reading is similar to having your astrological chart done because we are locating your unique life and personality in the grand cosmic scheme, and considering how to work with the collective dynamics. But this reading is more collaborative and reflects the energy and intention that you bring to it.

A Personal Mythic Pattern Reading is a three-part process.

Step one is preparation.  You begin by collecting images and completing a questionnaire that I will send you. This writing and musing is a powerful act in itself.  It’s very good to journal, record your dreams, read poetry, dance, be outside, meditate. . . whatever you like to do to nurture your inner life during this time. I recommend two weeks for this step.

Step two is a 90-minute reading, in person or via Skype or phone, of the myths and patterns in the materials you’ve provided. We’ll further refine my observations and talk about how you can engage with the images or patterns more deeply.

Step three is follow-up. I will send you a recording of our session when we are finished, along with some suggested resources for further exploration. If questions arise or you want additional input, we’ll have a check-in phone call (usually 20-30 minutes) a couple of weeks later. This check-in phone call is part of the initial consultation.

The fee for a Personal Mythic Pattern reading is $275. Payment (via paypal) is made when you schedule your reading. Email Catherine to schedule your reading and begin the process.


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