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Explore the mythological dimension of your life.


The mythic dimension is where matter and psyche, visible and invisible, or what we typically call “inner,” and “outer” meet. The spaces where they reflect, shape, or create each other. It contains the running dialogue between the conscious and unconscious aspects of our lives, and the meaning that we find there. It is the home of the unknown and unknowable Other.


The Creation, Michelangelo (Sistine Chapel)What we commonly call “mythology” is the narrative and artistic form that we have collectively given to our experience of the mythic dimension. Mythology is a perennially useful teacher and tool for becoming more aware of this part of your life, and working with them is one thing that we do here at Mythic Mojo.


Mythic awareness invites more “mythic mojo.”

Mojo is a creative energy, a synonym for soul, libido, or getting’ your groove on. Mojo is also “magic” –and that’s what happens when you explore the mythic dimension. You come into a deeper level of communion with the cosmos and other creatures. You recognize and attend to the larger forces in your life. You see your wounds, gifts, and challenges in a richer context. Openings appear. Edges soften. The Muse visits more often. And change happens.

Joseph Campbell said that if you want to change the world, you have to change the metaphor. The myth is bound up in the metaphor. A real change, a transformation in the habitual chain of actions, thought, and feeling involves a mythic move. And what Campbell says about the world is true of every situation.


A revolution in consciousness. Isn’t that what each of us is after?

I’m calling for a mini-revolution because I think the old images of big and loud and violent have outlived their usefulness. I think that’s time for us to appreciate the quietly powerful, the tiny but significant, and the subversive nuance. As James Hillman says, “Think subtly, act simply.” Welcome to Mythic Mojo and the mini-revolution in consciousness.



What myth are you living? What myth is living through you?

Find out. Learn a new way of understanding yourself, your work, and the world. Tune in to the muse and the mystery at the center of your life.

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    • Know yourself in a deeper way.
    • Navigate change.
    • Resolve inner conflicts.
    • Live more creatively.
    • Be more effective.
    • Find the magic.
    • Transform.
 Work with Catherine to discover the mythic patterns in your life. Email her for details.

“The way we imagine our lives is the way we’ll go on living our lives.”– James Hillman